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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the years of lying by cyclist lance armstrong. come to a dramatic end tonight. we have the highlights from his explosive confession to doping. an apparent dispute leads to a shooting at an apartment complex in hayward. one man lands in the hospital. details- up next. tonight at eleven. finally. a confession from lance armstrong. in the first part of armstrong's highly - anticipated oprah winfrey interview. the once celebrated cyclist admits to doping. saying he will spend the rest of his life apologizing - even if the apologies may come too late. melisa raney has this report. >> the question is that why come clean now? he struggled to explain. >> i do not know if i have an answer. this is one big lie that i repeated a lot. >> the 41 year-oldnce an athlete that could do no wrong. fighting off cancer to win the titles. last october the anti doping
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agency released a scathing report. that he was at the center of the sophistic doping operation. he has been stripped of all of his titles and revoked olympic medal. he understands how people have described him has arrogant. but says >> i deserve this. hey, o'bryan getting so screwed here. and you--0 for -- i am getting screwed here. i am not the same over winfrey, i am getting screwed. it was not true. >> the world toping industry saying that this will not reverse their trend they want a sworn confession and a full cooperation on what he knows about performance enhancing drugs. it was all a hoax. that's what san jose police are saying. about an attempted kidnapping they have been investigating. police say, this woman
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admitted to making up the story. about a suspect trying to wrestle her 3- year-old daughter out of her arms in an attempted kidnapping in the front yard of their east san jose home. police say, they knew something was not right about the mother's story. she finally admitted that the entire story was a fabrication. she is considered a suspect. we will be discussing the case with the district attorney's office. and in hopes of filing charges for filing a false police report. >> pam: kron 4's philippe djegal went to the home of that mother. and spoke with neighbors. >> mum is the word after
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the attempted kidnapping on tuesday was a lie. this is video she would not respond to the questions of why she would make of such a story. nonetheless, neighbors are upset that this happened. >> everybody gets scared of these incidences. i think that she should be punished. >> no matter what, if this is fake it still happens are round the world. more of course we will be watched full and careful. >> when this happens for real, and to the police, or perhaps nobody will take seriously. how. >> reporter: 1 a neighbor says if there could be one good thing that comes out. they do not have a neighbor of could watch. if they could possibly form one of the-neighborhood watch group. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> pam: we're learning more tonight about the bay area's first
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flu related death of the season. officials say, the victim was a 98 -year old woman. who died earlier this month. she also suffered from a variety of other chronic illnesses. including pneumonia. there have now been five reported flu deaths in california. and health officials say. the worst may be yet to come. >> we may not have peaked in california as far as the total numbers fiord not unusual we see that in the usually in late january. until the month of march 4th peak numbers fiord it is still okay to get a flu shot. >> pam: but, it is already proving difficult for some people to find the vaccine. some pharmacies and stores across the bay area havekron 4's reggie kumar tells us. some customers are being asked to return at a later date. when the next shipment arrives. >> reporter: the cvs pharmacy in walnut creek on south california boulevard is completeley out of flu
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vaccine. a pharmacy technician told me they were supposed to get a new shipment in this week, but its been delayed and won't arrive until next wednesday. the cvs pharmacy on lincoln avenue in san jose also has no flu shots available. its next shipment will also arrive sometime next week. in marin county. several stores are also out. the cvs in mill valley says it will get more vaccine in next week. some stores in greenbrae also have none available. cvs released this statement about the flu vaccine shortage. "cvs pharmacy has been providing flu shots since early fall and the current high demand is unprecendented this year, >> we called retail pharmacists, we called his
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pediatrician office and there were out. >> reporter: some of our locations are experiencing sporadic shortages. one parent at a fremont hospital told kron 4 she had a difficult time could vaccinate her child. reggie kumar kron 4news >> jacqueline: 30's at a san francisco. 50s in daly city. and we are going to see warmer conditions overnight in some locations. chilly and others it is going to be warm and cold. even warmer than today's nice temperatures. we could even get to the 60s. we will talk more about that and changes for your extended forecast. >> pam: the search for a shooting suspect underway in hayward, after a confrontation leaves one person in the hospital. then. the attempted robbery of a jewelry store caught on tape! we share what caught the suspects by surprise. plus. the lateston the hostage rescue attempt in algeria. that has some u-s officials
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>> caught on video. 3- suspects attempting to rob the plaza jewelry store in menlo park. this happened tuesday around 12:30pm. the store owner describes seeing the robbers rush into her store. >> i saw three guys coming in really fast. and they "tried to break the windows" with hammers. >> pam: the store owner's husband surprised the robbers, by pulling out a hand gun from behind the counter. the 3- would-be- robbers ran out of the store empty handed. two of the suspects were later captured by police >> coming up later in this
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>> pam: new reports from
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algeria tonight say, some of the americans taken hostage at a b-p-operated natural gas plant, have been set free. however, a u-s official says, some americans remain unaccounted for. while others are still being held captive. governments around the world are expressing concern about how the operation was carried out. it appears at least six hostages were killed in the process. those responsible say, at least 35 hostages died but officials are skeptical of that number. the victims are said to be filipinos, british nationals and algerians. the dozens more still unaccounted for, include americans, brits, french, norwegians, romanians, malaysians, japanese, algerians. and some of the fighters themselves. it is still unclear exactly how many americans are involved. the militants, an al-qaida offshoot, say they launched the raid in support of islamists who are battling government forces in mali. a government effort which
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is being supported by france. the u-s has also decided to increase its support. >> tonight, police are investigating a shooting in hayward. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. of police responding to the call. it happend on tenneson. hayward police are looking for a man involved in a shooting in the western part of town. kron four's jeff bush shows you the scene. and explains what happened. >> reporter: hayward police were called to this apartment building on tennyson road just before four o=clock for a report of shots fired. when they arrived they found that one male victim had been shot. he's 24 from oakland. he was treated at the scene and then transported to a hospital. let's take some video that was shot by our partners at abc sky seven and you can see what the scene looked like. dozens of officers combed the lord tennyson apartment complex looking for the shooter. you can see they were going door to door
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looking for him or any other victims. as it turns out there was only one victim at the scene. the department's tactical unit armored vehicle was called out for backup. officers from that unit were also helping with the search. police say the victim traveled to the apartment complex because of some dispute with someone at the apartment complex, possibly the shooter. >> i do not see a specific danger to the public. we believe that they knew each other and they had a dispute and that resulted in a shooting. >> reporter: police say there is always a concern when an armed suspect is on the loose but say this was not gang related. hayward police i don't see a specific danger to the public behind this suspect, again, because we believe they knew each other and they had a dispute and that resulted in the officers did not say much
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about the suspect because the investigation is ongoing but did say they have a good idea of who he might be and are following up on a few leads. police say the victim's injuries were not life threatening. i'm jeff bush in hayward, kron four news. >> pam: milpitas police are reaching out to the public for help. in an attempted kidnapping case. this is a new sketch of a man who police say, tried to abduct a child from inside the great mall. milpitas police say. it happened as the victim's mother was shopping inside the mall. she was holding the hand of her three- year old, when she says, she felt a tug and turned to see a man walking away with her son. that's when police say. the woman screamed and confronted the suspect who then ran away. the great mall said, it is cooperating with police, in what it calls an isolated
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incident. >> jacqueline: 20's through napa. away from the coast, really chilly but also for the bayshore area lot more warmer conditions with upper 60s in the south bay. 60s through cupertino, san jose. for the inland valleys, low 60s for the most part. low 60s for the east bayshore. and for the north bay and low 60s as well. as we take a look of our extended forecast warmer weather. even towards monday with warmer conditions. by tuesday and wednesday that pattern will break down. more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. right now the computer model is showin a slight chance of rainfall but it is possibly just drizzle.
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>> pam: in national news. the colorado moviewhere a gunma- people and injured 70 others, reopened tonight. it has been tough for cinemark owners --- they are trying to be as sensitive as possible to the victims of the massacre which happened back on july 20th. there was a private event earlier for victims and officials. and the aurora mayor says, that most of the people in the community 'do' support the re-opening. some victims say. it is important to reclaim the theater as part of the healing process. others refused the invitation to attend.
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toyota motor company says, it has settled. what is to be the *first of hundreds of lawsuits. claiming that deaths and injuries were caused by problems in toyota vehicles. the problems -- sudden and unintended acceleration in toyota vehicles. agreement in the wrongful death case, brought by the family of paul van alfen and charlene jones lloyd. toyota camry. slammed into a wall in utah back in 2010. a school bus crashes into a motel swimming pool! it happened this afternoon the bus at the time of the accident. school district officials say, the bus was on its way to pick up students, when the driver lost control, hit a utility pool and landed in the pool. the driver was treated for cuts and bruises. heat at lakers gary radnich is coming up next with sports.
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>> good evening, everybody. here we go, kobe bryant. a little bit battered. and this guy, james. we have never seen him do the things that he does encored with 39 points. eight assists. he had a difficult time however, but james he is good. between wanye his 31st birthday. the lakers 99, 90
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lebron a change you are looking at the greatest player in the world. and prior to five games on television, santa clara used to be a good and big parts at these 3 lebron gets free on the 4th quarter, 90-87 mia 4 bryant - missed a lot of shots tonight but hit them santa clara at usf 1 pete newell banner in the rafters at memorial gym in2 kevin foster- great half court bounce pass to marc trasolini streaking in for trasolini: 6 points, 11 rebs 3 foster - hits one of his 4 battered rex walters sees his dons fall to 7-11, 0-5 final: 85-54 broncos 49ers thoughts on big game >> last year, we beat the saints. just one or two games away but finally, we will find out who we play
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and take advantage and take care of business in atlanta. tried to get to the big one and when that one. >> just speak for myself. pack my toothbrush and a great attitude and play football. >> tony gonzalex x factor? 49ers on gonzalez it is difficult to believe that last weekend was his first playoff victory. when you have performed at the professional level for 16 years. they know the have to stop after less. >> he has played this game for a long time he has been consistently good. and planning at a high level and making big plays he is tremendous. he has done a lot with a tight end position. i take my hat off to him and i am very happy to be associated with them.
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>> he knows how to get over it. >> at noon on sunday. jacqueline, are you going to heavy party? >> not for this one but i will be wait for the super bowl. >> maybe? >> i am going to lock my door. and when you are a reporter. but i will be in my bedroom with the door closed. the kids are not followed to watch. >> pam: maybe you could come in the studio? [laughter] >> you are joking! and the final n f l has been
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selected. >> pam: your japs are not on the fringe! [laughter] >> and arizona cardinals hire arians - labs...jabs.... >> good nightthe final head coaching bruce arians who was hired arians was the colts offensive coordinator but led indy to a 9-3 record as